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Frieda Toranzo Jaeger

Life Fears

Painting generates a knowledge like no other, that of the internal world, and it is because of this immediacy that painting affects us most directly. I vandalize the semiotics of cars, their veneers, their engines and emblems in order to destabilize the accepted lexicon of neocapitalist consumption. The ideological power of desire runs in, and at the same time, ruins us. By criticizing the ideologies of hetero-patriarchal capitalism, my paintings give new semiological power to the collective imagery we produce and attempt to decolonize our imaginations and ideas. Conceptualizing utopias and dystopic futures opens a path where we can surrender ourselves to chaos, and propose an alternative future beyond the despair of the present. —Frieda Toranzo Jaeger

5 color silkscreen on 250 gsm fabriano paper / 50 × 70 cm/ numbered and signed / Edition of 30