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Mark A. Rodriguez (b. 1982, Chicago, IL, USA) wrote and self-published Idea Art for Kids in 2006 while completing his graduate thesis at California College of the Arts. Through lessons both droll and defiant—“Post missing signs for things that really aren’t really missing”; “Teach a non-human how to read”; “Develop a machine to make art for you"—Rodriguez invited children to make contemporary art practices their own. Fourteen years later—and with fourteen new lessons and two original essays by curator Lola Kramer and educator Manny Lopez— Idea Art for Kids is re-issued here for the first time. Produced in a limited run of 400 copies.

96 pages / 170 × 240 mm / 400 copies

ISBN: 978-1-7345275-1-3

“Missing Monster / Last seen in space / don’t try looking you won’t / find it / 2 cent Reward.”